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GM or General Motors Inc. By preparing this diet GM has believed that the cleansing effects of the diet would enhance the outlook emotions of the employees. Jan 11 · General Motors diet includes a fair sprinkling go non veg food items, along with vegetables fruits. Zi dieta gm 7 non veg. Has developed a diet for their employees and their family. This is one of the most difficult days of the diet where you might feel a bit weak along with slight headache. Follow the 7 days GM diet plan for non- vegetarians and lose up to 7 kgs in just a week. This is the first day of the GM diet plan and you are allowed to eat all kinds of fruits except banans throughout the day along with 8 to 10 glasses of water.

Jun 27, · 7 Days of GM Diet Plan for Vegetarian GM Diet Day 1 What You Have to Do. May 31, · Find the fastest indian non- vegetarian diet to lose weight.

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Dec 14, · On the third day of the vegetarian version of GM diet, you will be combining both day # 1 as well as day # 2. This way you can have all those sweet fruits and filling vegetables all day long.
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Just keep in mind that you have to avoid potatoes, bananas, grapes, litchi, mangoes and other fruit rich in carbs and potassium. Jun 13, · Indian GM diet plan Veg / Non- veg. The GM diet chart has been very popular and it is a strict set of diet instructions.

Replacing the meat meals with plant- based options, this diet can also be modified into a Veg GM Diet plan.

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Here’ s a 4 week Indian Diet Plan that you can try, that will help you lose weight and also to sustain that weight loss. 5th Day: Here comes the Non- vegetarian menu in the GM diet 7 day plan.

You should eat atleast 500gms of chicken/ meat and 6 tomatoes today. Water intake should be increased on this day.

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Suggestion: You can either prepare chicken soup with tomatoes in it or roast the pieces without oil in a pan/ oven. All 3 meals ( breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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